Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is a process of earning commission by promoting
other people's product or company's product. By promoting the
product that you are interested, you can have a certain percentage
from that product that once sold.

Affiliates are also known as the
publisher or the middleman as always
known in the early days. You send customers to the company, the
company will pay you as a commission. That's it! So easy, Right?
Well being an Affiliate, you need all the Hard work to earn money.
Remember there is no such thing as EASY MONEY.

In the online world, there's so many opportunities that you can make
some money. One of them is being an Affiliate marketer. Being an
Affiliate marketer, You don't need inventories and no need to own a
store. The only thing that you need to do is drive traffic to the
company or send customers to the company.

Being an
Affiliate Marketer, It can be a Passive Income. Because
every customers you send to the company and every time they buy
You can use Google adwords, email marketing, forums, social media
site (such as Facebook, twitter), article submissions,  blogging, vlogs
to promote the product. You can start from telling to your friends
what you are selling and your friends can help you spread the
product that you are selling.
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