Free Ways to get your Business on TOP
1.) Make a Business Cards

2.) Post on Facebook, twitter, wechat or any social media sites

3.) Print your Business name to your t-shirts, so that people will see

4.)  Make some advertising phamplets and put infront of the
car windshield and also in bars

5.)  Word of mouth, tell to your friends and relatives about your

6.)  Make some Stickers to stick on your car, so that people will see
your Business name

7.) Submit videos to tube sites and embed your Business name

8.) Put your business name  on your email signature

9.) Network with other people at seminars

10.) Buy a pair of sandals and engraved your Business name on the
bottom and walk in the beach

11.) Print your Business name on your cap

12.) Organize a party and let them know about your business

13.) Give some small gifts or token, that your Business name is
engraved or printed on it
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