Google Adsense
Making money online through Google adsense is the easiest way to
earn money, because it is working even your sleeping; the only thing
is you must have a website or blog to put the adsense code.
is related to your content. Whenever your visitor clicks on an ad, the owner of
the website (YOU) get paid for every clicks made.

You get paid depends on the keywords which make up your web page which
displays the ads. This can range from 0.10 cents to $20 per click for the
higher paying keywords such as travel and credit repair related.

Google adsense is one of the most popular adsense providers in the internet.
If you have a website, then you can apply for a Google adsense. It is FREE to
join, just sign up for an account and wait for the approval of Google. It will take
only 3 to 5 business days. Once your application approved log in to your
account and get an ads code and place it to your website or blog.

They have a lot of adsense design; you can customise the design if you want
it, so that it will suit to your website or blog theme.
How you get paid? Google will send you a cheque when you reach the
minimum amount of $100. If on that month you never reach the minimum
amount, the amount you earned will be carry over to the next month until you
reach the said amount. But you can set it to higher amount if you wanted to.

Remember! Don’t click your own adsense or else your account will be
terminated, any amount you earned will not be given to you.
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