How to make money from your Website?
You need to invest time, effort and money of course, to help you
start your business. Actually there are
3 ways to make money
from your Website.

Sell your own products and services
2.) Sell other people’s products and services
3.) Allow advertising on your website

Now let’s explain it one by one.
Sell your own Products and Services

In Traditional business you need to go to the shopping mall to buy
or Sell your products personally. Here in online you don’t need to be
present At all. You can start your business by making a website that
people can Shop Online.

You just have to set up online Payment for your customers to pay.
You can sign up for online payment at
PayPal. Then you can start
your business now.

Sell other People’s Products and Services

If you still need to have additional income, aside from your shop
online. You can Start selling other people,s products. It’s very odd
right! But you can earn from it Also. Are you familiar the word
Affiliate marketing? This is where you sell other People’s products.
They give you commissions everytime you have sales. They give you
a link that is only for you, so that they can track whom to give the
commissions. It’s good right! Try signing up at
Clickbank and other
companies that provide affiliates. Then put the link of the products
on your website.

Allow advertising on your Website

This is the best part in earning money from your website. If your
website takes a lot of traffic.  You can allow advertising on your
website. The easiest and fastest is to put
Google Adsense on your
website. Google will put ads on your website that is related to your
content and they pay you for every click from your visitors. They pay
you some percentage from the advertiser every month, once you
reach the 100 dollar minimum. Remember don’t click the ads or else
Google will penalised your website.

One more, if your website is a very busy website maybe you can
attract some direct advertisers and make more money from it. So
better make your website content more attractive and informative.
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