How to open an account in stock market?
In the early days only rich people can do the stock market trading
and on that time there is no online trading, they have to call the
broker inside the Stock Exchange office. Rich people are the only  
one that can manage to afford a big money or capital to invest in
stock market. But now, all people can invest in stock market as long
as they have the interest in investing.

Opening an account for stock market trading is now very easy, Many
online stock market trading broker or platform is available for you to
choose. You don't have to go to their office to open an account, you
can just apply online and send to them the requirements needed to
process your application.

The application process will take for three weeks or less as long as
there is no problem on the requirements that you have submitted to
them. It's easy and simple right? You don't need money yet during
your application. Once approved, then that is the time that you need
to put a money
as low as 1000 pesos.

Let your money work for you, and retire early to enjoy what
life really is. Don't let your job slave you for the rest of your

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