Needed in Starting a Blog
By blogging you can let the world know what are you doing and what
are your plans, because blog is your live journal. But be careful in
writing your blog; you must not offend somebody or hurting
someone. Ok, this are the things you need in starting a blog:
1)Your Topic – you must know what your topics all about so that
you will know what you are going to post in your blog. You must
choose a topic that you are interested to do such as baseball or
basketball. The things that you really know because some of your
readers will ask and comment what you posted to your blog.

2)Domain Name – this is the name of your blog example www. . You must choose a name that is related to your topic
so that the search engine will index your blog faster and it must be
easy to remember . Search Engine such as Google, Yahoo and MSM
and many more…
Learn about Domain Name

3)Web host – Now that you have your domain name, you must
have also a web host to make your blog on Live at the
World Wide
Web (WWW)  so that the world will know your blog.

4)Set Up Your Blog Software,Themes and Plug Ins – You can
have your blog software at your web host because most of the web
host company have there blog builder software you just download it.

5)Blog Content – this is now your topic information that your
readers will going to read.

6)Products To Sell – you can sell products to your blog to make
money online and you can choose your products from adbrite and

7)AutoResponder – you must also set up your autoresponder to
make your life easy to market your product because it will work
automatically and you will earn while sleeping.

Now, you have everything set up, start blogging and make money
online. And let the world knows your blog. Buy a
good Domain name
and webhosting.
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