What is Video Blogging?
Video Blogs or also known as Vlogs, this is the same as the
commonly known blogging. The only difference is using a video to
express or tell something about a certain things such as social
events, current events, personal or anything that is unique and very
interesting to the people, audience or viewers.

Vlogs are uploaded to Youtube platform which is the very famous
and biggest video platform in the world.

Getting started with your vlogging. First, you should create an
account in Youtube. Creating your account is easy and simple. Just
follow the instructions and start uploading your videos. Your videos
should be not less than two minutes or not more than six minutes.
Why? So that viewers will not be annoyed.

Generally videos to be effective, it should not too long or short. Post
or upload frequently to have always latest videos. Anything that you
are passionate and love to take videos, just do it. The more videos
you upload, the more viewers might be. And one more thing, your
videos can also
make money.  

Bring your camera phone or video camera and start taking videos.
Have fun and enjoy what you are doing. Video Blogging can start
from your hobbies. Always remember to follow rules.
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